Useful and essential information about La Tina and surroundings


Arrival and departure
Arrival is on Saturday between 16:00 and 19:00. You will be welcomed by (one of) our hostesses Marisa Rossini and Simonetta del Campi or by the owner Henri Koerhuis, and they will show you around La Tina and your apartment(s). Departure is on Saturday before 10:00, to give the housekeepers the opportunity to clean and prepare the apartments for the next guests. Please arrange with the hostesses or the owner where you will hand over the keys or where to leave them behind, and how you want to settle your bill (wine, extra cleaning, broken crockery) (Payments must be made in cash). Upon arrival you will find a form on the table on which you can keep track of extra items.


Barbecue / grill / outside kitchen
Near the swimming pool, under the pergola, you will find a complete kitchen and a fridge. Because the outside kitchen is not available for common use of all guests at Podere Tina, but the fridge is, please keep this in mind and with usage keeping the fridge clean. 

The owner or staff of Podere Tina provide several days per week lunches or diners for guests, using this outside kitchen.

There is a fireplace under the portico of the apartment Tinaia, which can be used by guests of the Tinaia apartment. Barbecue materials can be found in or next to the fireplace. Please be careful with barbecue grease. Also the apartment Vignaloia has its own barbecue and for the guests of Pergola there is an outside barbecue available on the terrace in the olive grove for their exclusive use. If not then this barbecue is available for common use.

There is also a 'mobile' electric grill available. Ask the hostess Marisa or the owner.

There is also a restored pizza oven next to the barbecue - fireplace. If you want to experience the baking of an authentic Podere Tina pizza, we suggest you ask the hostesses and their spouses if they would like to organize this culinary festival and when they have time for this. It is first-rate. For instance, the fire needs to be built and lit in the late afternoon in order for the oven to reach the right temperature for pizza. We kindly ask you to consider and confer with the owner on a fee for this local culinary experience. 

Beasts You live in the countryside at La Tina. We strongly advise to keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible to keep unwanted animals outside, as there are all kinds of insects, crabs but also mices (especially at night). If you have mices in your apartment (which sometimes has occurred!). You can also expect snakes according to natural food chain because they eat mice. In the past, there have been snakes spotted around La Tina. That was always because there were mice. (Please give mice no chance: keep doors and windows closed and leave no food outide!). There are two types of snakes. Big (+ / - 1 meter) green snakes and smaller (+ / - 30 to 40 cm) more brown snakes. A snake will basically never attack unless he feels threatened. The big green snakes strike immediately with tremendous speed on the run when they see people. The little brown snakes usually stay on their spot. They are therefore more dangerous. Several times, we found them in the morning in the pool usually they are already half poisened by chlorine so they do not flee. It is best to seek the assistance of the gardener, who knows what to do with it.

If you are unfortunately bitten, immediately binds the part of the body and drive to the hospital as soon as possible of Acquapendente because the bites are poisonous. You will find the hospital in the center signed by the plate H. Call the ownerimmediately so we can help out (by phone) where needed.

If you have technical issues in la Tina or otherwise, please contact one of the hostesses, who monitor the situation at La Tina. If all these people are not reachable, please contact the owner. (+31 612999308) Each apartment has a fire extinguisher (located under the sink of the kitchen).

Childrens attributes
In every apartment you will find a high chair. There is also in every apartment a travel cot for children. If you require, you can also make use of a baby bath. There are childrens plastic plates and cups in every apartment. There also is a sandbox, a swing in the garden and toys in the magazino for the children.

We kindly ask you to keep the apartment clean.
The hostesses Marisa Rossini and Simonetta del Campi are also our cleaning ladies. On Saturday after your departure they clean and prepare la Tina for the next guests. It is possible to get extra help from them during your stay (for 10 euros per hour, per person). You can arrange directly with them, or in consultation with the owner. For guests who are staying longer than one week at Podere Tina, we have an interim (base) cleaning inserted on behalf of the guests, and the guests should settle themselves on the spot (10 euros per hour, per person) with the hostesses. On departure please leave everything as you found it. Kindly leave no leftovers in the refrigerator and freezer, no unwashed dishes and glasses and leave the apartment as much as possible behind as how you have found it.


Please secure the pillows with the cover strapped to the bedding (there can be strong winds), be careful with the (chlorinated) water of the pool, and use the beach / bath towel that you received upon arrival. We urge you not to use the swimming pool towels for the bathroom. Please use beach towels against oils or other filth. (The chemical cleaning of very dirty pillows that are left will be charged at the end of the stay). Sometimes, depending on how dirty the cushion is, it can not be cleaned and new covers must be bought.

Please put the garden furniture back to the place where you found it.

Electrical - Lighting                                                                                                                                              
Near the entrance door of your apartment you see the switches where you have to insert the special pin key, which is on your key chain. If the pin is inserted the electricity in your apartment, lightning and other attributes will function. Now you can put the lights on/off as you wish. When you leave the apartment, you should take the special key out of its spot and close the apartment.

At the entrance of your apartment you will find at your left-hand side a fuse box. If the power failed, the emergency lamp goes on. First you can check if the fuses have broken down in the appartment's fuse box. Then you can check if the 'lavatoia' in the large fuse box, fuses have broken down. When you enter the 'lavatoia' you will see this large fuse box in the left-hand corner. Please read carefully what has been written near each fuse. Only touch the central fuse or the fuses of the apartments. Never touch any other fuse (e.g. piscine, aqua), because this may cause serious problems in the water supply. If it still doesn't work, then you will find near the entrance gate on the left side of the road a small electricity box (this box is open!). Please check if it is on 1 or 0. If all of this does not help, please contact our electrician Mario Pianeselli. Electricity is very exspensive in Italy. Please do not keep the lights on unnecessarily, and use the washingmachine and dryer efficiently.

Fire (fire extinguisher)
If unfortunately there is an outbreak fire, make sure you leave the property as soon as possible and if possible close all doors and windows. Under each sink is a fire extinguisher. Remove the pin and lever. In case of fire call 112, the hostess Marisa (00393382869749) and alert the owner immediately. (+31 612 999 308)

You can find firewood and firelighters in each apartment. When you use the fireplace, you need to open the canopy of the chimney (see chain). The wood should be piled in the back of the fireplace and should be regularly raked. Additional firewood can be requested from the hostesses or the owner. It is locked to prevent mice and other animals nesting here which then also attracts other unwelcome visitors such as snakes. When not using the fireplace, you should close it to prevent small animals and smoke from other apartments entering. Also at every barbecue outside you will find fire wood.

The terracotta floors are covered. However, again, be careful with oils (olive oil, etc.), wine, sour and hard cleaning products. Floor vacuuming. Clean stains immediately with water. Mopping can be done with water.

We have chosen the furniture with care and have had it made. We would ask you to leave the furniture in place and do not use the indoor furniture outside. Please use the outdoor furniture that you find outside, which you can leave outside. The dry cleaning costs or damage will be charged at the end of the stay.

Garden Furniture
You will find an apartment garden table / garden benches / chairs and iron beds (14 in total) in the garden and by the pool which you can leave outside. Like the cushions at night and when you're not there, please leave all items in the designated area in the magazino. Please use only the cushions belonging to your apartment and put back on the provided shelf. Apartments Pergola and Tinaia each have five cushions; Vignaiolo has four cushions. 

In the small barn in front of the house and in the appartments you will find five bins for separate waste, namely glass, plastic, paper,organic and other waste.

Garden Lighting
At various places in the garden there is lighting. This outdoor lighting can be switched on/off on at various places in the garden. The illumination turns off automatically at 01.00 at night. Some important outdoor lights can remain on (the vertices of the farm and the barn, street lighting).

There is also a possibility to ask for an electric grill to the hostess.

We are very curious about your experience during your stay at La Tina and would appreciate if you take the time to write before departure in the guestbook which can be found in each apartment. Please also indicate what points we can improve.

Consumption of gas will be charged in the winter months. In early spring and late autumn a little heating is sometimes necessary although the fireplaces offer an alternative.The hostess will give instructions upon arrival for using the heater. Gas for the central heating is very expensive in Italy, so please be careful when using. (Do not use when it is not necessary, turn off or turn it down lower when you leave the apartment, etc.) Each heater has a thermostat and each apartment has a central thermostat in the kitchen / living room.

There is free wireless internet available at Podere Tina. Instructions for access can be found in the  information book (Page 1) that you will find on the kitchen table.

In the summer there is the possibility that you will hear the irrigation system function as from + / - 01.00 till + / - 05:00 a 06:00. There are different zones, which function one after the other so that you will never hear it (if you hear it at all) longer than 30 minutes.
In the garden you will find irrigation points in the ground. Please do not stand on or damage them, for example with an iron sun bed or umbrella stand. The sunbed cushions will be all wet if you do not return them to the magazino in the evening. That also goes for your personal belongings.

On arrival you will receive a set of keys for the apartment from the hostess. There is a jack plug on the key ring that you must insert in the separate panel next to the entrance door to enable power to the apartment ( see lighting). You are held responsible if a burglary takes place if the iron shutters / doors have not been closed. Please do not lose the keys

(Some keys cannot be copied or duplicated). In the three apartments you will find the keys for the toilet doors by the mirrors in the bathrooms. Keys from the bedrooms and bathrooms are kept separate and can if desired be requested from the hostess. (We have taken this measure after a bad experience with our oldest son Thomas-Jan who had locked himself in, and then we had to force / break the door)

Kitchen equipment
At your arrival, the hostess will give you instructions on the use of the kitchen equipment. You will find the manual instructions for the stove, oven refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine , toaster, blender and juicer in a separate folder in the kitchen. The stove works on gas, the oven is electric. Fill the dishwasher with brightener (finish brillantante per (lava) stoviglie and salt (sale purissimo per lavastoviglie) every time you use it. Please clean the stove, oven and microwave after use.

Lavatoia (Wash room)
The hostess will show you the lavatoia when on your arrival, the separate area is only accessible from the outside.
Please note children are not allowed to have access in this space as there are electrical cabinets, geysers and hydraulic devices (buttons / electricity for pumping the water etc.). Also please do not touch the utility equipment (the whole supply of gas, water and electricity can be disrupted!).
Next to these devices is a room located, with a washer, dryer (see washing and drying), iron and ironing board which you can use.

For various garden tasks you will regularly see our gardener. His name is Ivano and will be happy to help you with firewood or problems with the pool. If he makes noise at the wrong time please ask him to stop and he will do it at an other moment.

Upon arrival you will find the following: towels for use in the bathroom, a beach / bath towel (colored) for the pool, towels and tea towels for in the kitchen, placemats and tablecloth for the dining table, towels for in the toilets. The beds are made. If you stay longer than a week, the hostess will give you clean linen each week. If you require more or fresh linen, then you can ask for more. You are politely asked NOT to use the towels from the bathroom by the pool.

The hostess will show you the magazine at arrival: the storage space for garden / pool items in the annex. Here you will find 3 parasols, children toys and the cushions for the sunbeds outside. In addition, there are two mountain bikes. These pillows must NOT be left outside overnight, but must be put back at the end of the day if not earlier. Each apartment has its own sunbed cushions (on the named shelves), so you do not confuse yours with the cushions of the other apartments.

Please use only the cushions that belong to your apartment and put them back on the provided shelf. Apartments Pergola and Tinaia each have five cushions; The apartment Vignaiolo has four cushions.

Please use the provided beach towels to protect the sunbed cushions from suncream and oils or other filth when lying in the bed. (The chemical cleaning of very dirty pillows that are left will be charged at the end of the stay).

Please also put the pool items etc. back in the Magazino at the end of each day. Since it can blow very hard unexpectedly at la Tina, please make sure that cushions are stored in Magazino and umbrellas are closed when you are not present at the pool, otherwise you risk losing them or finding them at the bottom of the hill.

Marble kitchen countertops and kitchen
The marble of the kitchen and the sink of Pergola apartment, the kitchen sink and the apartment Tinaia, and the sink of the apartment Vignaiolo is treated. However, be careful with acidic products (oranges, vinegar, etc.), oils (olive oil, etc.), wine, and do not use harsh cleaning products (ajax, jif, bleach, bleach, etc.).

Medical / Hospital
In each apartment you will find a first aid kit. A few hours a week, a doctor consults in Trevinaio. Dr. Martina Menchinelli: 00393475095239.
In the hospital in Acquapendente (Ospedale) is a first emergency section. Tel: 0763-711244.Once you arrive in Acquapendente you will find signposts with H / Ospedale. If you follow these you will reach the hospital.
In Orvieto there is a larger hospital, with a special children section: PediatricTel: 0763-3071. When you enter Orvieto follow the signs H / Ospedale . You can always call the owner if you need help with translation from a local doctor, or if other help is needed.

Mosquito nets
All bedroom windows have mosquito panels so you can ventilate (at night). This also applies for the kitchens and living areas (with the exception of the downstairs apartment that is integrated with the kitchen). If you want to keep the house cool in the summer its important to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible during the day.

The screens in the house should be carefully used because they are fragile. To open them push them down first and then open them. That does not always work the first time. (On both sides press down.)

You will find two regularly serviced mountain bikes in the Magazino. There is also bicycle pump in magazino.  We of course will take care of any major issues, but the small issus is to be resolved by you personally.

Olive grove
We offer one free bottle of home-produced olive oil of Podere Tina, for use during your stay. If these run out, we will give you another local olive oil. Also, in the cantina, several other olive oils are being offered for sale. 

The parasols by the pool can fall (dangerous) or blow away or break when the wind blows. As the wind can blow very hard suddenly, you should take this into account (as for your and your childrens safety).
Parking, fence and street lighting
Near every apartment there is 1 spot reserved for 1 auto and indicated by means of the name of the apartment. If there are more than 1 car per apartment, there is an extra parking space to the right of the entrance gate. 

By the parking area, near the light is a switch to lighten the streetlights. These go out after a few minutes.

Please close the gate when you are not at la Tina and in the evening/ at night. We ask you this to prevent all sorts of animals (hares rabbits, wild boars and sheeps) coming on to our property (and eat the plants etc.)

There are no pets allowed and only by exception in consultation with the owner.

Useful phone numbers
Marisa Rossini Mazzuoli (hostess / cleaning help) home 0763-733529 GSM 338-2869709

Henri Koerhuis: 0031-6-12999308

NOTE: In Italy, the phone is always turned with the prefix 0, including 0763 from abroad and not omit the zero. In Italy, the numbers of mobile phones are always dialled without the zero 0: so directly 333-2962313, without the zero before.

Beside in the apartments, you will also find a refrigerator under the pergola by the pool.

Each apartment has a safe. The hostess will show you where it is located. The instructions for the safe can be found later in this information guide. You may use as you wish. If you close the iron door when you leave, you are already well protected. There has never been a theft reported at la Tina!

We have chosen the tableware, glassware, pans etc. carefully and we hope that you'll enjoy and use it with care. The copper pans in apartment Pergolas are decorative objects (not for use). Please replace dishes in the same spot (this is especially true for those who are using two or more apartments: please return all items to the correct apartment). If you should break something, please write and indicate before departure, so the next guests will not be surprised (a fee for broken / damaged crockery will be charged).

Shopping & Cooking
At your request, the hostesses or the owner can also provide you of (food) groceries and prepare meals for you. The cost is determined on arrangement. 

Swimming pool
The swimming pool is open from mid-May to mid-October (depending on weather conditions). We hope you will enjoy the beautiful view! You can use the iron sunbeds that you can leave outside (see garden furniture). If you have any questions or concerns about the pool you can contact the owner.

We would like to bring to your attention that the wind can blow hard, so the cushions, covers and beach / pool towels have to be strapped down well and please be careful with all the other items outside (it's a nuisance when your clothes, air mattresses, pool toys etc. suddenly blow down the hill). Also be careful with the umbrellas when there is wind. Close the parasols and take cushions inside when you are not at the swimming pool, especially when windy. Also be careful with the cushions / covers with close to the pool. We also urge you to use only beach / bath towel at the pool (no bathroom towels).

TV / CD player
The TV is connected to a satellite dish. With the remote for the decoder you can choose from different channels. (many Dutch channels, English, German, etc.). Each apartment also has a cdplayer.

TV Channels / TV stations
1 ned 1
2 ned 2
3 ned 3
4 RTL 4
5 RTL 5
6 sbs6
7 RTL 7
8 veronica 
9 net 5
14 bvn
80 bbc world news
81 CNN International
83 bloomberg
84 SkyNews
85 france 24 news
86 NHK World
88 Al Jazeera International
89 russian today
91 fashion one
97 Fashion TV

Vegetable & Herb Garden
Near the gazebo on the side where the lake is, you will find our vegetable & herb garden accessible by the stone stairways. You can use the many fresh vegetables and herbs that you will find for free.

We make our own Sangiovese wine at La Tina, which you can buy in the cantina. And of which 1 is presented as a gift upon your arrival

Around Tina are many opportunities for walking, even to the lake at the bottom of the hill.

Washing and Drying
In the lavatoia is a washing machine and a dryer that can be used by guests (upon arrival the use shall be explained). The hostess will give you basic instruction when you arrive. Detailed instructions can be found in the separate folder. We kindly ask you to keep the room clean and to use the devices carefully. Please note that the filters on the dryer will be dusted after each use (on the inside of the door).

In the lavatoia you will also find a drying rack for each apartment, irons and ironing boards.

Drinking water (community water) comes from all taps in the apartments and also from the outside taps.

The machines and reservoirs, the switches etc. are all placed in the lavatoia. Please do NOT touch these. Warn the contractor (via the hostess or owner) if water problems occur.

The water in the pool and irrigation system is pumped up from the small lake at the bottom of the hill.

Good Italian wine can be bought in Bolsena, Orvieto, Pienza, Montalcino and Montepulciano. As these places are relatively further away, we offer - in addition to the complimentary bottle of white wine and red wine - the opportunity to taste our wines, which are on the shelves in the cantina. A wine list with prices are in each apartment. The wines in the cooling cabinet are private and not for guests.

The guests of the apartments Pergola and Vignaiolo are kindly requested to ask the guests of Tinania if they can visit the cantina. This is because the cantina and the portico are part of the Tinaia apartment. Please indicate which wines you have taken before you leave and deal with the hostess and / or leave it behind.

(In the very near vicinity)

* Albergo Toscana - A new restaurant in the centre of Aquapendente. Classic kitchen, but modern interior. Definitely worth it. 0763 711220

* Bio La Grocetta - An intimate little restaurant on the edge of San Casciano dei Bagni. Very good kitchen. tel 0578 50074  mobile 346 6213549

* Castello di Fighine - A beautiful location and delicious restaurant in a borgo named Fighine with lovely surroundings of nature.  tel 0578  56158
A restaurant with a michelin star just like La Parolina, but a more classic kitchen when you compare it to the modern kitchen of La Parolina. Sitting outside and inside is both very nice and the servers speak English and the chef….. will come to your table to show you his skills.
I have fine experiences there.

* Castello di Proceno - Proceno - tel: 0763-710072 Our friends from Castello die Proceno, Pucci and Giovanni Cecchini-Bosini, at Proceno, offer our guest the opportunity to dine in their restaurant in the beautiful restored barn by the castle. . Tell them that you are from Podere Tina. They also restored the associated wine cellars at the Castello and turned into a very attractive, traditional Enoteca (wine shop =). You can enjoy and taste Italian wines and fine dining as well. We can wholeheartedly recommend you this culinary experience at Castello di Proceno : a unique, culinary, atmospheric experience!

* Gianfranco, Degli Campi - Trevinano - tel: 0763-717042The village restaurant at Trevinano. Grandmother cooks in the kitchen and prepares delicious Italian dishes, of which homemade pasta's, pizza's, vegetables & meats.

* La Parolina - Trevinano - tel: 0763 -Stylish restaurant in Trevinano. Has for some years a Michelin star. A special experience of modern cooking that you will not easily forget. Closed on Mondays.

* La Pace - A local restaurant in Celle Sul Rigo with a delicious Picci pasta but also nice meat dishes and a beautiful view on the outside terras.
Price/quality, a real recommander!!! 0578 53585  mobiel 339 8587794

* La Dogana - Centeno - tel: 0763-734092 Inn like restaurant in a restored toll house (border of Tuscany and Lazio). The huge fireplace where all trunks disappear for heating the house, is also used to grill a nice steak. Closed on Wednesday.

* Ristorante Daniela - San Casciano dei Bagni - tel: 0578-58041 Stylish and cozy restaurant, just restored, on the town square of San Casciano dei Bagni. From the square you can see La Tina. It is obvious to note that you are in Tuscany: both the village and this restaurant are Tuscan style.

* Il Borgo-Acquapendente-tel: 0763-711264 This pizzeria makes the second best  (our own is numero 1)pizza we have ever eaten (very thin ..). The atmosphere is modern and cozy. (They only serve pizza in the evening). Closed on Mondays.

* Il Moro - Bolsena - tel: 0761-798212 Characteristic seafood restaurant on Lake Bolsena. Closed on Tuesday.

* Il Poggio - Very good classic kitchen on the edge of Celle sul Rigo with panoramic views.  tel 0578 53748

* La Ripetta - Gradoli - tel: 0761-456100Exclusive seafood restaurant. A renowned restaurant of the Tuscan region. Closed on Mondays.

We appreciate it if you indicate that you are staying at Podere Tina.

SHOPS (In the very near vicinity)
The shops in the area are open on every day from 08:30 till 13:00 and from 17:00 till 20:00, except on Sunday. The grocerie stores, on the other hand, are open on Sundays. Shops are closed on Thursday afternoon in the province of Lazio (Trevinano, Proceno, Acquapendente, Bolsena, etc.) and the province of Umbria (Allerona, Orvieto, Castello di Viscardo, etc.). In the province of Tuscany (San Casciano dei Bagni, Radicofani, Pitigliano, Pienza etc.) the shops are closed on Wednesday afternoon.

In Trevinano you have a village shop Alimentaro da Mauro where everything is available (bread, vegetables, meat, meats, cheeses, pasta, rice, toilet paper, etc.). There is also a post office.

San Casciano dei Bagni (10 km) is a larger village, typically Tuscan. Besides Macelleria Da Lele, an 100 year old recommended butcher, there is a vegetable shop, spices-shop, a delicatesse-shop, a juweler and a drug store. In the Bar Centrale in the town square are newspapers (including the Times). Some stores, and Bar Centrale, are open on Sunday morning.

Acquapendente (12 km) a small town. Many stores, from grocery to a photo shop, a butcher shop to pasta, from clothing stores to pharmacy, tool case, supermarkets etc. In Acquapendente you also have all kinds of wholesalers, garages etc. Acquapendente has also a hospital. Market is there on Friday morning. A nice offering of self-grown vegetables you can find at the stand of Fallerini Michele. The same stand can be found at the market on tuesday mornings in Bolsena. 

Petrol / diesel can be bought in Acquapendente, Celle sul Rigo.

Culture and history.Too much to mention. La Tina is located in the Alta Tuscia-the heartland of the Etruscans.

If you want to know more about the Etruscans and Alta Tuscia, please check with our friends Pucci and Giovanni Cecchini who know very much about the history of this area and the Etruscans in particular. See also brochures and guides in the apartments. Villages, towns in the vicinity which in our opinion are worth to visit from historical-cultural point of view: San Casciano dei Bagni, Proceno, Pitigliano and Sorano, Orvieto, Bolsena, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino. Radicofani and of course Sienna, Florence and Rome.

Nature and Sport
* Nature Monte Rufeno. Calling Monaldesca, tel 0763-717104, for a guide or for a walk.

* Watersports. Lake Bolsena. There are several beaches on Lake Bolsena where you can enjoy the sun and can sunbathe. You can also rent boats at various locations. At some places you can surf, sail and waterski. 

* Sea / water sports. La Tina is about a two hours drive from the Mediterranean Sea. The island Orbetello is worth visiting. Between the island Orbetello and Tarquinia are several nice beach towns.

* Skiing. In the winter you can ski on the slopes of Monte Amiata. Ski equipment can be rented on site. The black, red and blue slopes are at approximately 2000m. There are good ski lifts and several restaurants to eat. It is a forty five minute drive from Podere Tina. A day of skiing on Monte Amiata is very rewarding and a nice change in the winter of the culture / nature activities.

* In the summer there are beautiful hiking trails on Mount Amiata, but you can walk around Tina. Try a descent down to the lake for example.

Horse riding* In the Nature reserve Monte Rufeno is the possibility to make a horseback tour Tel: 0763-717104 (reception and restaurant Monaldesca). Name of the guide: Luca. Prices + / -12 euros per person per hour.

Thermal Baths In San Casciano dei Bagni is recently realized a complete spa world, Centro Termale Fonte Verde. A 5 star hotel accommodation with sulphur baths, many cosmetic, massage and other programs (see brochure)


* Golf Club Le Querce - Sutri (Viterbo) tel : 0761-600789 * Golf Club Punta Ala - Punta Ala (Grossetto) tel: 0564-922121

Instructions for the safe
1. Set your own four digit code (of your own choice) as follows: * The door of the safe is open, press the * key* Enter your own code* Press (3 x beep indicates that your code is set)

2. Close Safe
* Close the door of the safe * Press
* Press the button, the door knob enters automatically.

3. Open Safe * Press
* Enter your own code. The door knob comes naturally out.