Podere Tina is equipped with the best possible kitchen tools for you to make your own food. Our italian friends Marisa and Simonetta can also provide classic Tuscan dishes, but they are really specialized in lovely fresh pizza from the wood-burn pizza oven and barbecue.

Recently, also partner Sabrina is active in the kitchen. And here she explains briefly in which way:

"Inspired by ongoing cooking classes "Alimentation Vive" by Pol Grégoire and a running course "Conseiller en Nutrition et Nutrithérapie" at Cerden in Brussels, I like to create a dish which keeps us in shape. 
For the dishes which I prepare at Podere Tina, I use fresh vegetables of the season. I like to give raw food a place in my kitchen and furthermore, I cook vegetables by means of steamings. Fish and meat are also steamed, or prepared at low temperatures in the oven. I also consider nutrients, where I, for example, rather not combine protiens and carbohydrates within one and the same dish. If vegetarian dishes are wished, I can make use of dried legumes (grains are also possible) which are widely available in the region.
For the practical side of things, I cook for a minimal of 5 persons and a maximum of 10 persons. 

Wine tasting
Henri Koerhuis has a lovely wine chart from Tuscany of which a lot of are for sale in the cantina. If the guests would like to have a wine tasting, he is more than happy to help out. 

Groceries service
if you would like to cook yourself but you do not want to do the necessary groceries you can hand that task over to one of our own people.

Vegetable garden, olive yard and wine yard
You can get fresh vegetables for free in our vegetable garden and you can taste our olive oil and wine from our gardens

Weddings and parties
The owner has experience in organising weddings and parties on the estate with help of the restaurant La Parolina.

Seminars and retraites
Several seminars, brainstorm sessions or retraites have been organised at Podere Tina.

Skiing and hunting
A thirty minut drive away from Podere Tina lays Monte Amiata where you can ski in the winter. Also, from september on there is the possibility to hunt around the estate.